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Survival’s campaigns have already helped to protect the lands of the isolated Nukak in Colombia and some uncontacted tribes in Peru, halted an attempt to deforest the land of uncontacted Ayoreo in Paraguay and recognize the lands of the greatest concentration of uncontacted tribes in the world in the Javari Valley of Brazil.

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Ask Peru to remove loggers from the lands of uncontacted tribes

Illegal logging is devastating the lands of uncontacted tribes in Peru, and the president has even denied the tribes exist. Please write a letter to President Humala asking him to remove the loggers.

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Ask Brazil to stop the illegal deforestation on the lands of uncontacted Awá

Awá lands, although protected on paper, are being destroyed more quickly than anywhere else in the Amazon. Please ask President Rousseff to expel the illegal loggers and ranchers.

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Ask India to stop illegal poaching in the Andaman islands

Poachers are putting the Jarawa and uncontacted Sentinelese of India’s Andaman Islands at risk of disease and violence. Please write to Prime Minister Singh urging him to keep poachers out of the tribes’ lands.

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